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by Kyle and Stephanie


Last update: September 14, 2017


If you are into the swinging lifestyle, there are tons of swinging sites that you can check out nowadays. These sites are quite similar to adult dating sites but they are more geared towards the swinging community. If you are specifically looking for swinging partners, you will be better off signing up with swinging sites instead of the regular adult dating sites. There may be tons of swinging sites available nowadays but only a few of them are actually worth your time and money. is one of the sites that caught our attention. Unlike other swinging sites that offer free trials and memberships, Lifestyle Lounge provides more security and privacy to their users. To this point, they don’t allow non-members full access to the member profiles on the site. Trial members will still have access to the site but communication will be somewhat limited. This was implemented because of the spammers abusing the site’s free membership trial.

lifestylelounge join

Lifestyle Lounge – Registration


Signing up with LifestyleLounge is not that difficult or complicated. You will need to fill up some information about yourself. All you will need to fill in is your desired username, password, email address, location and gender. As with other swinging sites and adult dating sites, you will also need to verify your email address before you can fully access the site. You will automatically be a trial member after completing the registration. As mentioned earlier, trial members will only have limited access to the profiles on the site. Guests won’t be given any access to the site’s profiles and photos. Keep in mind though that the trial membership only lasts for 7 days. After this, your profile will still remain on the site for the next 60 days. However, it will be on a suspended status until you decide to upgrade to premium membership.

lifestylelounge members

Lifestyle Lounge – Members Area

Free Features

As a trial member, you will be given a general feel of LifestyleLounge. Basic features will be available for you for 7 days but they will somewhat be limited. While you can view the profiles of other members, you will only have limited access to their photos and videos. In addition to this, you will not be able to contact any members if you are only a trial member. The site takes pride in catering to only legit swingers. This means that you won’t find any fake profiles on the site. Even free members’ profiles are being reviewed so you can rest assured that you will only find legit swingers on the site, despite being a free member. If you want to get the most out of the site, perhaps your best option is to get a premium membership.

Paid Features

If you feel as if the site’s free features are somewhat lacking, perhaps you might want to think about getting a premium membership. You will only be able to get the most out of this site if you become a premium member. And because you can rest assured that all swingers on the site are real, it will definitely be worth your money. As a premium member, you will be granted unrestricted access to other members’ profiles. In addition to this, you will now be able to initiate contact with them. Free members will only be able to view selected members’ profiles. If you want to gain access to each and every profile on Lifestyle Lounge, you should get a premium membership. Great features like forums, IMs and video chats are only available for premium members. All in all, you will only be able to fully benefit from all of the site’s features by being a premium member.


After completing the registration process, you will be automatically given a 7 day free trial. However, you will need to pay a premium membership fee if you want to continue using the site’s features. Here are the membership fees:

1 month – $24.97
2 months – $39.97 ($19.99/month)
3 months – $54.97 ($18.32/month)
6 months – $99.97 ($16.66/month)
1 year – $189.97 ($15.83/month)

Members by Countries

– Worldwide


Lifestyle Lounge can be pretty generic if you are only after the 7 day free trial. It can’t offer you that much if you are not a paying member. The great thing about this site is that most of its users are legit swingers. Our only gripe with this site is that you won’t be given the access that you need if you are not a paying member. Other swinging sites can provide more access to their free members. If you are willing to pay for the fees, you will not be disappointed with the features of this site. And because they have tens of thousands of members, you are bound to meet the swinging partners of your dreams in this site.

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