About Us

by Kyle and Stephanie

Hi, we’re Kyle and Stephanie, a happily married couple. Years ago, we jumped head first into the swinger lifestyle, we haven’t come up for air. Our first experience was swapping with another couple, since then we’ve been to hotels, clubs, house parties and our friend’s homes. We’ve been on cruises where nudity was encouraged and sex with others was expected. Resorts we’ve visited are dedicated to the sport. Our sexual experiences have included threesomes and orgies. Our partners have been excited about being with us, we love to share ourselves with others.

Kyle and Stefanie

Being in the Lifestyle successfully takes quite a bit of work. It can be hard to find suitable partners. Problems crop up; for example, what happens if the person who was so attractive on the Internet isn’t what they said they were? On this site, we’re going to tell you of our successes and give you practical advice for you to achieve your own great times.

Most newcomers have questions, and yet there’s few resources for them. This site should give you the comfort level you need to thoughtfully consider the swinging option and proceed if you wish to. Here you’ll find honest answers about your progress and concerns. We’ll tell you about how to find people who have the same interests as you do. In addition, you’ll get straightforward reviews of the swingers dating sites we’ve been on, the cruises and resorts you can enjoy.

If you’re people who will enjoy this, following our advice should have you happily swinging.