Swing Lifestyle Review

by Kyle and Stephanie


Last update: September 14, 2017


The swinger dating scene nowadays is becoming very popular. If you are looking to hook up with a swinger, your best bet is to try online swinger dating. There are several swinger dating sites that you can choose from nowadays but only a few of them can really cater to your needs. Most of the other sites nowadays are all talk. If you are looking for a great online swinger dating experience, you must only settle with the best. One of the best swinger dating sites today is SwingLifestyle.com. If you are looking for a swinger dating site that has a very active community, you can never go wrong with Swingerlifestyle. Singles and couples interested in swinging can easily hook up with more than a million active swingers by joining Swing Lifestyle.

swinglifestyle join

Swing Lifestyle – Registration


The registration process is usually the step where most people get annoyed with. Some sites tend to have a complicated registration process that often turns their potential clients off. Fortunately, Swing Lifestyle is not one of these sites. Signing up with Swingerlifestyle.com is as simple as ABC. First up, you will need to provide basic information about yourself. You will not be required to share important details like credit card number and specific home address. You will need to specify your city and country but that would be all. You wouldn’t have to worry about creeps coming over to your doorstep after signing up with the site. Also, you will need to provide a login name, a valid email address and your desired password.

Free Features

As with other popular swinger dating sites, you can also use SwingLifestyle.com as a free member. If you choose to sign up with them as a free member, you will be given access to the site’s basic features. However, free members will only have limited access to these said features. Free members can send only up to 5 mails and view up to 50 profiles per day. Viewing of nudity is also limited if you only have a free membership. Forum features are also limited if you are a free member. While you can still access the forums and group pages, you will only be allowed to read the posts in these pages. Chat features are also limited. If you find these features to be somewhat “lacking” then you might want to upgrade to premium membership.

swinglifestyle members

Swing Lifestyle – Members Area

Paid Features

If you have the dough to spare, it would be a good idea to upgrade your membership to premium. Paid members can do a whole bunch of other stuff. They will also be given unlimited access to the features mentioned earlier. If you think sending up to 5 mails per day won’t be enough for you, get a premium membership and you can send as many mails as you can per day. Viewing of nudity will also be unrestricted for premium members. If you into forums and groups, you can join discussions and even create your own threads on the site’s forum pages if you are a premium member. Let’s just say that paid members can fully benefit from each and every feature that this amazing swinger dating site can offer.

swinglifestyle features

Swing Lifestyle – Features


If the features above got your interested, you may want to know about the cost of singing up with this amazing swinger dating site. Basic membership is free and you will be given access to some of the sites features. However, if you are looking for something more, here are the monthly rates for premium members:

– 1 Month – $14.95
– 3 Months – $29.95 ($9.98/month)
– 6 Months – $49.95 ($8.33/month)
– 12 Months – $69.95 (5.83/month)

If you want to be a member for as long as the site is alive, you can do so by paying a lifetime membership fee of $149.

Members by Countries

– USA, worldwide


SwingLifestyle is one of today’s top swinger dating sites. If you are looking for the best, you will not be disappointed with this dating site. SwingLifestyle.com can provide you with a very active online dating community that is devoted to the swinger lifestyle. Regardless of whether you are a single or a couple, you will be able to fulfill your fantasies by signing up with this site. SwingLifestyle can provide you with an experience that is quite similar to other adult dating sites. With great features like IM, forums and mailboxes, it will only be a matter of time until you find the perfect swinger dating experience that you have been looking for. If you are not convinced by this, then by all means, check out the many positive testimonials made by a dozen of the site’s users that can be found all over the internet.

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Bill-Lisa June 9, 2021 at 1:00 pm

Absolutely the worst site we’ve been on. The site is down and not available more often than not or the pictures never load.
Thought they would have figured this out by now but we have been members for some time and it’s actually getting worse.
Buyer Beware !! Don’t waste your money !!


Mitchell Williams June 8, 2021 at 3:11 pm

We are a lifetime member. Now for almost a week now have not been able to get on and I would like to know what is going on?
Our name on there is dogmad.


Andy / Lisa March 22, 2021 at 11:00 am

*** Be Aware SwingLifeStyle.com Is NOT a Realiable Site***
As a paying member (sadly)… site managment and restrictive rules with No.. absolutely NO.. customer service and recourse to voice complaints.. They can and will Block PAYING Members from access to the site… Without warning or notification!!
The enforcement of highly Strict rules about outside contact.. (while in theory.. a protection to membership) is a good thing.. Monitoring ..Spying on private conversations IS an invasion of privacy!!!
As a long time (yrs) paying member.. we were accused (falsely) of being incorrectly representing ourselves.. Basically a “spammer”… Liars from other parniod members.. I can only ASSUME.
Without ANY warning from site management.. or chance to review/talk to site management.. they’ll BLOCK you to even signing in.. for Services we already PAID FOR!!
Be INFORMED.. this site is POORLY Manged and Victimizes its Paying Membership.
It used to be managed better..

WARNING- there are much more friendlier.. Well managed Swinger Sites on the Net..
The current “life time” (membership-$150) are Screwed with NO recourse.. Don’t patronize the Site.. you’ll regret it!! WARNING


misskitty February 7, 2021 at 11:24 pm

I changed my password and now I’m blocked from logging in. Please help.


John Hodorowicz October 28, 2020 at 6:06 am

Stay away from this site! There are better ones out there. They have a lot of nit-picky rules that other swing sites don’t have! They accuse people of “spamming” when they’re not spamming and suspend their profile for weeks when they’re longtime paying members for close to a decade. Spammers are often automated services that are sent by fake users. Longtime members who have over a dozen positive certifications from other members proving we’re “real” and well-liked by other swingers are not “spammers”!


Rob May 10, 2020 at 4:17 pm

Used to be a really good site but management is making changes and it appears they are trying to drive members to mobile app and we are questioning the security measures especially website.

Site was in need of update and refresh but appears to be done in a haphazard way that may or may not provide the security we expect from our sensitive information.


Glen January 21, 2020 at 5:34 am

This site is terrible. Have been a paying member for a few years but it is now just a commercial enterprise intended to generate revenue only. Many in our circle have see the site erode recently. Their numerous restrictions recently implemented claim it was done for safety…BS! That is a ruse guys and gals …strictly done to generate increased volume and no doubt they will suffer declining membership..with any luck. Your money is better spent with one of the other sites who offers a wider client base and more flexibility. Avoid this one! Not a pleasant experience!


Bill August 11, 2019 at 12:29 pm

It is easier to get a guy off of doublelist to come suck your cock than it is to get a couple to just say no thanks to your IM on SLS. My feeling is the site owners are bored with maintaining the site and are trying to make it as miserable an experience as possible so that all the lifetime members will go away so they can abandon the site.


mike October 31, 2018 at 4:17 pm

I cancelled my subscription and they kept billing my credit card and told me they didn’t give refunds when I contacted them.I had to contact my credit card company to put a block on them charging my card and still haven’t got a refund.If you join this site hold your wallet close.


Lori elliott August 13, 2018 at 12:37 pm

They lie. They take your money
They lie about when they are collecting.


Alan May 25, 2018 at 3:36 pm

Swinglifestyle is hot garbage. They are now having everything you write on your profile reviewed by “staff” changed policy AFTER I paid for the lifetime membership. I’ll be contacting my bank asap.


John May 21, 2018 at 3:52 pm

SLS has become like a big brother checking everything you’re right and changing it to be politically correct rather than what you’re really looking for. Reminds me of Facebook which is definitely not following the needs of Republicans only Democrats. Everytime I try to change something they come up with something that’s wrong with it after getting your money for 6 months. Thank goodness I didn’t do the lifetime I had a feeling something was about to be up. They took advantage of the Craigslist shut down to make a bunch of money and then start picking and choosing what you can put on there which have nothing to do with prostitution or any of that law stuff is just about controlling from a particular perspective does anyone know where you can go to complain about getting ripped off and probably get your money back? I’m pretty persistent and when I get riled up I usually end up getting my way one way or the other. Thanks John


Alan May 25, 2018 at 3:39 pm

Same here. I’m going to be on them relentlessly until they refund my money. Contact your banks fraud department. That’s where I’m starting the process.


Ron April 13, 2018 at 6:14 pm

SLS is now a complete joke. They have removed all capability for free members to contact anyone.


mojox May 31, 2018 at 1:36 pm

SLS Is very much a joke now since the removal of free members. Those free members is what kept the lifestyle clubs in business and were the only profiles who would actually show up for a date. The newer couples who wanted to decide if they liked the site or not are all gone and it is such a waste of money now. We were shocked to find so many racist rooms in chat we could only assume that was a large reason for the removal of free members contact options. Keep this in mind when you seek to join and review their billing tactics…..trust me they can be pushy


Chris January 6, 2018 at 5:09 am

I’m on the verge of giving up on losing my virginity. I’m 31 & losing my patience I’ve been trying for 18 years and still don’t think I have the courage to explore my sexuality like I want to. Why do I even try when I even have a free membership to this website. My life feels like a joke and maybe it’s time to say f*ck it.


Randy April 3, 2018 at 3:58 pm

Hey man,
Don’t beat yourself up. In this day there are so many opportunities to share an experience with someone, but WHO makes the difference. As a virgin you are eager to loose that title and explore your sexuality as you stated. Who you decide to share that with is important (in my opinion) since you will remember the first over anyone else you’ve been with. Choose the right person when you have the chance and don’t rush yourself or feel Like your life is on hold because of it. We place WAY too much into sex when it shouldn’t be the most important thing when seeking a partner. Important YESs but not the most important. I hope you find someone you context with, care about (and they care for you) and who respects you (as long as you respect them) because sex is much much better if you have a person you connect with. Good luck and stay positive.


Kelly November 22, 2017 at 2:36 pm

I was a free member for about a year. I recently paid for a lifetime membership and all of a sudden here come the problems. I received a message stating that my profile has been placed offline for not abiding by the rules and regulations. I never changed anything on my profile since the day I was a free member. My profile is simple and only says that I’m looking for local singles. They waited until I became a paid member and then turn their backs. This was the worst thing that I ever did and I completely regret it. Now the holidays are just around the corner and I’m out of $149 thanks to this site!!!


DoctorQuality September 14, 2017 at 3:13 am

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: SLS is an ABYSMALLY-run website & company. They rake in tons of cash, but invest zilch in the operation. The software is buggy and insecure. Staff are rude, unprofessional – and routinely OUTRIGHT ABUSIVE – of paying customers. SLS permanently shuts down paid accounts at the least whim – without explanation, rudely and with NO refund. And though it LOOKS like the biggest, most active site, really it’s just MOSTLY SINGLE MALES posing as a couple – so they won’t be blocked from looking at the erotic pictures of other couples. And the ‘flake” factor is high; you’ll have to deal with a insulting bunch of screwballs and morons on SLS.

Given all this, SLS is actually pretty close to being an outright criminal operation!!

The software is still HTML 1.0 from almost twenty years ago and contains loads of bugs they often don’t bother to fix. A few examples of the problems: constantly says you have mail when you don’t, rearrange-photo-order tool doesn’t work, can’t permanently delete messages, can’t change single/couple status. If you delete the account but don’t first turn off auto-bill they keep billing you and you have no way of turning it off and – guess what – no refunds. For several years there were issues where all private photo security could be bypassed by slightly altering the URLs. If members post bugs that need fixing, SLS staff just delete the posts. If you complain, they just tell you to delete your profile and move on. And that’s just for starters. You can Google/reddit all that up if you wish.

People are drawn to SLS because it appears to have the largest membership. But from what we could tell, the vast majority of the profiles were just single males who had posted a single female photograph — so they could open a free account pretending to be a couple — so they could browse all the couples accounts & photos that are typically blocked to single males. They would also have zero cert-votes from any other member. A good percentage of the legit couples made clear in their profiles that they also had accounts at Kasidie or SwingDateClub anyway so you’re not missing much that is ‘really-real’ by NOT using SLS.

Google/reddit quickly gives up loads of other SLS customer complaints. Example: A guy complained on reddit about the poor service (in an identifiable way). Suddenly, though he had pictures of him and his wife of 25 years posted, his account was changed to single male. Nothing he did could get it fixed. Then they TOSsed him to completely oust him. Here what another former member said about this sort-of-thing (on another website): “If you pay the one-time fee to be a ‘Lifetime Member,’ then lifetime is defined as ‘ever how long they’d like you to be there.’ Put up too many pictures, chat too often, whisper between two consenting adults, all grounds for irrevocable termination. No warning, no second chances. What they are offended by, who knows.”

And the SLS ‘flake factor’ is high – idiotic messages, couples complaining in profiles about no-shows, etc. We had three no-shows that we figure were single males getting their jollies by stringing us along – right up to the meet location & time.

We were paid members for about three years. And though we played plenty with other good-looking couples and singles, we can’t give SLS much credit for that. It was only ONCE the source of a hook-up. And that couple no-showed the first time, then only hooked-up with us later during a chance encounter at a lifestyle event. (Two of the other hook-ups turned out to have SLS profiles, but that’s not how we met them.) Frankly we did far better (than using SLS) by just meeting random others at nightclubs, stripclubs and lifestyle clubs/events. Did better … and with hotter, younger players to boot.

Staff is entirely volunteer and utterly incompetent. My staff&coding drama with SLS started when my status (in real-life) changed from couple to single. I found there was no way in their lousy software to make the change. (Hindsight: it turns out they want you to message them to make the change – so they can decide if they agree.) So I put a big bold note at the top of the profile saying I was now a single male and would update everything when I found a new partner, as I saw others do. (I still got lots of messages from single men who didn’t bother to read the profile statement, asking to do my gf. And I also got messages from SLS flakes whining about why I hadn’t changed the entire profile content around, or that I should delete all the pictures of my former gf, or that I was a piece of lying scum, and other such nonsense.)

Apparently one of those idiot-flakes complained to customer service. So out of the blue I got a message my profile had been changed to single male. I guess they didn’t read the first line in the profile either. That was OK, I suppose; I figured I could get it changed back after I partnered up with a new gf. But THEN came a bunch of messages saying my profile was ‘offline’ because of violation of TOS – that I had personal info (email, phone, whatever) in the profile. Outright lie. Eventually I dumped ALL the profile text. And put in a bit of ordinary filler so I could re-submit it. And I STILL got more messages saying my (essentially blank) ‘updated’ profile text was still unapproved due to TOS.

Lousy software and a single idiotic complaint – again there’s a ton of flakes on SLS – and the profile was permanently zapped by snotty SLS staff. No explanation. No discussion. No communication. And no pro-rata refund. I deleted ALL the profile content and then deleted the profile and the account. Apparently they will ‘can’ any customer, any time, if they even THINK they will be the slightest inconvenience.

And while these snotty dummies think they are actually solving some sort of problem with all that abusive nonsense, there’s actually NOT A SINGLE THING preventing someone – someone who is REALLY a con – from just bypassing all that drama and creating a new account with a different email address. Since the payment system is third-party, they could even use the same credit card number. smh

Anyway it was a blessing in disguise. I don’t suffer fools-in-business very long. When the new gf comes along, I’ll just recreate the profile content (I saved) at one of the better lifestyle websites. Those would be Kasidie, SwingDateClub and Quiver. Those websites will surely serve up a better hook-up rate than SLS.


Bruce August 20, 2017 at 7:45 pm

If you are a avid member in the lifestyle don’t make the same mistake we did and join SLS swinglifestyle. We have found this site is very dormant. There is no much action on SLS. There is a better alternative for those who want to be notice and want to be active. We joined Adult friend finder. This site is very active and you will be noticed. Way more fun and a more friendly website to navigate through. Trust me, I learned the hard way


Terry May 5, 2017 at 5:06 am

Hello to all,

I must agree with every one. These people just collect your money and then they don’t care about the customer. My girlfriend and I had life time memberships because for the price it was the best deal. We had issues with our pass word and got locked out, they said that we could reset the password but that our life time membership would terminate or expire, thanks guys what an unfriendly user concept. Your dam lucky all of us sex addicts don’t want to stand in line and sue your dumb asses as that exactly what we should all do. Your lucky most of us said “Fuck It” and found a better site!!!

Thanks, Terry


Wow!!! December 31, 2016 at 5:44 pm

Thanks for all the negative comments. I was about pay for a lifetime membership, but I won’t be making that mistake now. I’m searching for another site now. Does anyone have any recommendations?


Michael Moore December 9, 2016 at 6:35 pm

I would like to make a payment to reactivare my membership. My site panthermike.


Swinger Site December 10, 2016 at 9:49 am

Hello Michael, you need to contact SLS support. Login in your account, in left panel click on “View More” -> Help -> Billing.


D February 10, 2016 at 3:42 am

How can i get support to respond??


D February 10, 2016 at 3:41 am

Our profile says it is pending deletion?? How can i stop this? I tried emailing support but get no response…


DoctorQuality September 14, 2017 at 6:18 am

As discussed elsewhere in this forum … you’re hosed. For who-knows-what-reason, they’ve (de facto) terminated your account.


Nemo February 10, 2016 at 2:16 am

The members of Swing Lifestyle DO SWING, despite the site’s handlers not because of them. My advice to anyone joining is to use the site’s BASIC tools that do work to find prospects, handshake and meet. . .That would be the email, Who’s On, Hot Date, Groups and maybe a couple other features. It’s up to you to connect. . .With a little work and creativity you will find playmates because the MEMBERSHIP is dynamic, even is the site isn’t. –BUT don’t expect even basic bells and whistles, much less anything cool. Don’t expect meaninful updates of the creaking features or it’s antique coding, I doubt a professional programmer (much less a talented one) has ever worked on the site. Don’t bother complaining about the site’s problems, the handlers couldn’t care less. And don’t bother making helpful suggestions, it’s a waste of your time. All that said, the lifetime membership is a great deal.


Domandsub January 7, 2016 at 8:15 pm

My husband and I tried paying for a 3 months membership just to try it out. They “declined” his card, we used mine it was “declined” also. They took it out of his account 9 times and out of mine 1 and we still just have a “free” limited subscription. Been trying to find a number to reach them, we did email them. But this isn’t acceptable we should be able to get ahold of them and them resolve this immediately.


DoctorQuality September 14, 2017 at 3:31 am

They aren’t going to help you. These new owners know they ripped you off and they don’t care. It’s probably too late now to do it, but you should have called your credit card company and asked them to credit you and then “chargeback” SLS based on product/service not received. Generally the credit card companies will back the cardholder this way, as long as the customer provides some decent documentation. And it would have punished SLS. Because if a company gets too many chargebacks, the credit card company will then seriously jack-up the fees they charge that company.


Juan December 16, 2015 at 4:18 am

Don’t bother with this site.. Worst customer service I’ve ever seen.. I was stupid enough to become a lifetime member and they suspended my account because I was rude to a free member. I’m serious don’t waste your money!!


DoctorQuality September 14, 2017 at 3:35 am

At SLS, the least whining from any member to customer service … and SLS will permanently zap the account without even asking the other party for their side of the story. I suspect there are SLS members that know this … and get their jollies by “swinging their big d*ck” and getting accounts zapped all-day-long.


Gary November 9, 2015 at 7:51 pm

I need help recovering my password. Every password i put in will not work and now i don’t know what it is. I tried to reset my password and iot won’t let me. I really need help.


Swinger Site November 10, 2015 at 9:16 am

Hello Gary, have you tried to contact Swinglifestyle support “[email protected]”?


SLS lifetime member November 1, 2015 at 3:49 pm

I disagree. We have been members for 5 years and the sire itself is going through a long and slow upgrade. The rest is entirely up to you. You have to initiate conversation and get out there. If you are lazy, overweight or have bad hygiene well I guess it’s not for you. No different than ANY OTHER DATING SITE. Ya gotta give to get!


Kate July 27, 2017 at 1:40 am

Well, it’s nice to see that no fat people can join. Nice….


The baconator October 21, 2015 at 5:11 am

Don’t be fooled by swinglifestyle.com. All of what has been said is true. They rely on bully tactics if things are written in the forum. They have managed to take a fully functional website and make it extremely difficult to navigate. All the while patting themselves on the back on the appearance and function of the site. What a joke.
We have been on the site for about 14 years and even though it was outdated in appearance, it functioned well…until the latest “upgrades”. We found a new site and are happy with that one. Don’t waste your money on swinglifestyle.com.


Lilith November 5, 2015 at 12:02 am

Which website(s) would you recommend instead?


Tekctrl September 3, 2015 at 5:49 am

I’m afraid that we can fully substantiate the negative comments by “Unhappy Lifetime Member” regarding SLS’s activities. We too had been lifetime SLS members almost from day one, long before it was bought by the current owners. We’ve watched ‘customer service’ disappear over time and have personally seen many of the things cited by “Unhappy Lifetime Member”. Posts are deleted, bug submissions ignored, and punitive actions enacted (with no recourse or discussion) by SLS for “TOS violations” like PM discussions that ‘customer service’ didn’t like, expressing dissatisfaction with SLS ‘customer service’ unresponsiveness, and posting questions asking SLS how they can spend time & $ creating an online game but don’t have the resources to fix reported bugs in PM/Chat, picture posting, or other ‘features’. Even though we were loyal lifetime members, ‘customer service’ finally restricted us from posting anything or participating in discussion boards, so we left. You can call us ‘disgruntled ex-members’ if you like, but we were driven away by a ‘customer service’ philosophy at SLS that puts profitability and appearances ahead of the paid membership.


SLS User August 12, 2015 at 12:28 am

Swinglifestyle is awful. Their customer service is rude and unprofessional. Don’t bring any issues to them – they will only offer to help you delete your account. The site “upgrade” has been a laughing matter. Nothing is being done to fix known issues that users have problems with. Free users do not stay ignored. If they are harassing a person in chat and the person uses the “ignore” feature, all the free user has to do is log out and log back in again and they are no longer on the ignore list. This is very well known to the administration and they have done nothing to fix it and apparently don’t plan to. The site’s performance has gotten worse and worse recently. The web cams in the chat rooms don’t load half of the time or sometimes not at all. The entire site lags and crashes regularly. People who have brought concerns to tech support have been rewarded by having their account status changed from a legitimate couple to a single male or deleted entirely. This review (above) must have been posted a long time ago because many “old timers” will admit that the site used to be a lot better. Its glory days are long gone. Now it is a waste of money. You won’t get anything out of paying for the site that you can’t get by using it for free. As a long time paid member, I would not recommend this site.


Unhappy Lifetime Member August 11, 2015 at 9:15 am

All of the reviews you will find around the Web about SwingLifestyle about how poorly they treat lifetime members are a fact. We have been lifetime members for one year. Notice how there is not one single company rebuttal here? Informative, yes? Customer (dis)service is hostile, unprofessional, and unhelpful. We are among several lifetime or paid members we know who brought issues to the attention of tech support – with the goal of improving the community – to be informed that if we were unhappy, tech support would gladly assist us in deleting our profiles.

The site “upgrade” has been like putting lipstick on a pig. None of the bugs have been addressed, nor have any of the problems that paid members experience from “guests” (non-paid users). For example, if a non-paying user harasses you, and you use the “ignore” feature in chat – that ignore is only good for the non-paid user’s session. This is well known and the trolls will simply log out and log back again and, VOILA! – they are no longer on your ignore list. The site administration is well aware of this “feature” and has no plans to fix it in the so-called “upgrade”.

The enforcement of terms of service is arbitrary and capricious at best. Certain users are constantly rude, harassing, and abusive yet they remain on the site in spite of a well known reputation of this behavior that is a clear violation of the terms of use. However, other users have been suspended for private conversations (emails, whispers) that the administrators decided to monitor and just didn’t like for whatever reason.

Most recently, lifetime members have found their privileges downgraded to the status of free users (audiovisual time limits imposed) without any explanation or warning whatsoever.

In the past approximately two months, the site performance has gotten worse and worse. The chat lags, people get booted for no apparent reason, cams won’t load in the video chat rooms. These performance problems are not isolated to free users – paid and lifetime members are constantly complaining of the same issue.

The reports of blocked member types being able to access profiles is also 100% accurate. We have single males and free members blocked, but get emails from those user types regularly. In an effort to try to help the administrators identify and fix the security breach, I engaged one single male and asked him very politely if he could give details about how he was able to find our profile. He was helpful enough to tell me what platform and browser he was using. I posted it to the “site upgrade” (hahahah) forums as an objective bug report. The response? My post was deleted. I discussed this with other lifetime members we chat with and they report they had the same kinds of helpful user feedback bug reports deleted from the discussion forum as well with no response. They don’t intend to fix anything to make the user experience better – they just want to sweep the dirt under the rug so that new free members can’t see what an awful experience it is for paid members and how paying for the service is so not worth it.

As to the comments about how low the price is – it’s not that low if it doesn’t work any better than not paying for it at all, which is what our experience over the past year has been. I would not recommend this site.


Juan December 16, 2015 at 4:20 am

They will gladly show you how to delete your profile after they collect your 200 bucks!! Customer service are the biggest dirtbags ive ever seen.


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