Observing Proper Etiquette When in a Swingers Clubs with Your Lady

by Kyle and Stephanie

Couples are always trying to find ways to make their relationship special. It becomes pretty boring once you and your girl do the usual movie and dinner dates because they start to become a routine as time goes by. If this keeps on going then your relationship will start to become stale and may soon hit rock bottom. So if you want to keep things exciting while adding a little spice to your relationship then you and your lady friend should try to attend a swinger party. Now you might be confusing this with a party where everyone in attendance is going to be dancing the swing. Well, here is a little news flash for you; it is not like that at all. Although there will be some dancing involved, but it definitely not going to be the swing. Now remember that swingers clubs are not your average run of the mill nightclubs. And since you’re with your girl you may want to read about these pointers on how you should behave while in there.

They do not call them swingers club for nothing so you should expect to see a lot of hot attractive young ladies during your visit. It is okay to interact with them, but you should always be mindful of how your girlfriend might feel. If you are going to talk to one of the female patrons then you should at least let your girl in on the conversations so that she will not feel like you are hitting on the other customers. You should also avoid staring and ogling at the other ladies for a prolonged period of time because this might cause a little bit of jealousy to build up inside your girl.

swingers clubs

Now we all know that a swingers club will have plenty of drinks to spare, and you might actually go about drowning yourself in liquor while your girlfriend just stares at you from afar. Don’t do this because this will make you look like an inconsiderate jerk. If you are going to drink then you should at least ask her to drink along with you. But, if she is not the drinking type then you should try to minimize your intake of alcohol for the evening so that nothing bad happens to the two of you.

Partying in a swingers club will not get interesting if you do not try to socialize. Remember that it is okay to socialize with the other patrons as long as you keep it clean in front of your lady friend. Try not to start some controversy by immediately jumping into the “sex” part of your conversations. Take things slow by establishing rapport with them and try to include your wife in the discussion. This will make your date more interesting since you and your new found friends get the chance to share some of your most intimate secrets. Remember that you should follow these rules so that you and your girl will have a blast at that swinger party.

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